Is it possible to homestead in one hour a day?  At the One Hour Homestead, we enjoy caring for our 6 acres, with vegetable gardens, fruit trees, chickens and goats, in the most efficient way possible.  Even while working full-time (plus part-time) away from home jobs and raising two active teenagers, we manage to gradually increase our self-sufficiency and skills to provide healthy, natural food and fun.

How?!?  Just do a little bit at a time, and then always strive for just a little more.  Here is the way it works at our little farm.

  • Morning routine:  feed and water the animals–10 minutes.  Seasonal tasks include milking the goats, pulling a few weeds and gathering fresh vegetables–20 minutes
  • Evening routine:  feed animals, gather eggs–5 minutes.  Seasonal tasks include planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables, canning and freezing the harvest.
  • Weekends:  find an extra hour or two to stock the pantry, brew some wine, make maple syrup, yogurt or homemade soaps.

Check out our posts for projects, recipes and instructions as we grow our skills and embrace our busy, but fulfilling lives!


Photo of barn quilt of goat