Homestead Log

Weekly Homestead Log–3/25/18

Here is this week’s record of time spent and rewards gained on the One Hour Homestead:

Routine Animal Chores

Morning chores–10 minutes x 7 = 1:10

Evening chores–5 minutes x 7 = :35


  • Water seedlings–3 minutes x 3 = :09
  • Start a flat of seeds (peppers and more lettuce)–:15
  • Set up mini-greenhouse and move flats of kale, lettuce, cabbage outside–:10

These little greenhouses set up on my porch are a great transition for tender but cold-hardy seedlings:

Other Projects

  • Spring barn clean-up; half of the goat pen completed–1:15

Total Week’s Time



1 1/2 dozen duck eggs

5 dozen chicken eggs


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