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Homestead Log

Weekly Homestead Log–5/13/18

Here is our weekly homestead log of time spent and rewards gained on the One Hour Homestead:

Routine Animal Chores

  • Morning chores–10 minutes x 7 = 1:10
  • Evening chores–5 minutes x 7 = :35
  • Milking–15 x 4 = 1:00

Our doe is still producing colostrum for her new kid.  But, since she only had one baby, she needs to be milked out a bit.  Some of the colostrum went into the freezer (in case any future kids need it in an emergency) but most was enjoyed by the cats and chickens.


  • Water seedlings and transplants–:30
  • Start flat of melons, squash and cucumbers–:20

Other Projects

  • Goat birth and cuddling baby goat = 3:00

Total Week’s Time



1 dozen duck eggs

6 dozen chicken eggs

Radishes, lettuce, spinach, and other greens harvested from the mini hoop house–about 4 servings of salads.


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